i love wildfox.
i love wildfox.

i love wildfox.

this is a wilfox couture appreciation blog.
kimberly gordon, emily faulstich, or anyone else involved personally with the company is not running this.
ask, theme

once again, i suck.

this blog is sort of dying out, if i do say so myself. i’m currently swamped with the end of this semester, and then my very last one of this unknown town i moved to a year & a half ago. i plan to go to LA next summer to further explore my fashion related studying, creativity & learning. i’ll keep this around, of course, but i won’t update it the way i used to.

and who knows, maybe i’ll be buddying up with the ladies who are the complete inspiration for this blog. wish me luck, and the same goes to all of you! go chase your dreams.

fall in love, don’t force it. and do some harmless drugs. 

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